Panel Replacement Services in Slatington, PA

An electrical panel often remains hidden in the home. While it is easily accessible, it doesn’t sit in a frequently used portion of the residence. As a result, a homeowner may not think to inspect this panel regularly to determine if it needs attention.

However, the panel may malfunction, which can put the home and its occupants at risk. In addition, certain panels need to be replaced because they are a fire hazard. For example, any homeowner with a Federal Pacific electric panel should call to have the panel replaced immediately, as these panels are a fire hazard. Our team can replace this panel and ensure the home and its occupants remain safe. This is one of many Electrical Services we offer today for customers.

What Should a Homeowner Know About This Panel?

The electric panel controls the flow of electricity throughout the home. It contains breakers that correspond to various parts of the home or appliances. If something goes wrong with the electrical system, the breaker for that part of the home should automatically trip and stop the flow of electricity. At times, a breaker may trip for an unexpected reason. After resetting the breaker, see if it trips again. If it does, call us for help.

When Does the Panel Need to Be Replaced?

A homeowner may pay little attention to their panel until they cannot ignore the electrical problems they are experiencing in the home. What should a homeowner look for? Examine the panel regularly to detect minor issues before they become significant problems. In addition, have the panel inspected by an electrician once every few years. They will detect problems a homeowner might overlook.

Rust on the Panel

Any rust on the panel means the panel has been exposed to water. This can lead to several system issues. Panel replacement services are essential in this situation.

Sparking Sounds

Loud noises or sparks from an electric panel require immediate attention. Often, these symptoms are a sign there is a connection that has come loose. This is of concern because a loose connection can lead to electrical arcing. In fact, arcing serves as a leading cause of house fires resulting from an electrical failure.

The Age of the Panel

Any panel 25 years of age or older should be replaced as soon as possible. The panel may malfunction at any time, putting the home and loved ones at risk. While the homeowner may be hesitant to fix something that isn’t broken, a person should never wait until the panel fails to take action. Doing so could lead to an electrical fire and the loss of human life or the family’s belongings.

Appliance Power Problems

If one or more appliances trip the power regularly, it is time to upgrade the panel. Older panels weren’t designed with modern appliances in mind. When they require excessive power, the breaker will trip. An electrician can determine if this is the problem and which panel is needed to handle the load being placed on it by the household.

A Crowded Panel

A person might open the electric panel and see wires crowded together. While this isn’t a cause for concern, the wires can be a safety hazard. An electrician should be able to access each breaker in the box without moving wires. Some people overwire a panel box to save money. This leads to wires overheating and will eventually damage the breakers or wiring. For this reason, most locations now ban these practices. Call an electrician for assistance in resolving these issues.

No Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

If a ground fault is detected, a GFCI, or ground fault circuit interrupter, will shut down electricity immediately. This circuit breaker knows when to shut down because it continuously measures the current flowing to and from any electrical equipment along the circuit conductor. When the amount differs by 5 milliamperes or more, the interrupter stops the flow of electricity. It does so to prevent individuals in the path of the current from being electrocuted. Our team will install a new panel with this technology to protect the occupants of the home.

Homes need an electric panel to control the flow of electricity to the residence. Any problems with this panel must be addressed right away. Call us to get on the schedule. We’ll have an electrician come out and help you find the right solution for the problem you are experiencing.

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