Electrical Services in Lehigh Valley, PA

Electrical failures are the second most frequent cause of structure fires in America today, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Property owners need to take this into consideration when they are deciding whether to tackle an electrical project or leave it to the professionals. It’s best to have a highly trained, licensed, and experienced technician complete the work, as they have the knowledge to do the job right. If you need electrical work done, contact Jeoah Electric today for help. We provide the following services for customers in and around Lehigh Valley, PA.

Residential Services

When lights dim or flicker, the wiring may need to be updated. It could also mean the circuit breaker is overloaded. How is a homeowner to know where the problem lies? A licensed electrician knows where to begin looking for the source of the problem and how best to fix it. They provide a range of Electrical Services to handle problems both large and small.

A homeowner might find they have a dead outlet or light switch, which suggests there could be an issue with the wiring to the device. At times, the problem lies in the main breaker box, and the owner needs an electric panel replacement. Regardless of the size of the job or what it involves, our team is happy to assist the homeowner in getting the electrical system functioning properly once again.

In addition, the electrician can help determine why a homeowner’s energy bills are climbing with no accompanying increase in usage. Many things may serve as the culprit for these high electric bills, such as a malfunctioning meter. The electrician will examine the system and determine what problem the business is experiencing and how to correct it.

Additional Services for Households

Certain projects may be completed by the homeowner but are best left to a trained electrician. For instance, the homeowner may want to upgrade the ceiling fan in their bedroom. This project appears to be straightforward. However, once the work begins, the homeowner discovers there is an electrical problem. They must then call for help or attempt to resolve the issue on their own. By allowing an electrician to replace the ceiling fan, the homeowner can ensure the work is done quickly and properly.

The homeowner may choose to have a standby generator installed, particularly when they live in an area prone to power outages. An electrician can help with this project. Electricians also take on projects involving lighting design and installation or the addition of a hot tub to the home.

Call for help when a new heat pump unit is installed to ensure it is connected to the electrical supply correctly. These serve as only a few of the many residential projects our electricians take on for customers.

Homeowners should consider having their electrical system inspected annually. This allows the electrician to find minor issues before they escalate. The money the homeowner saves on costly repairs far outweighs the cost of this inspection. Call Jeoah Electric to have an inspection scheduled today.

Commercial Services

Business electrical systems differ from homes in a variety of ways, although there are certain similarities between the systems. For example, a business may experience an issue with the lights in the parking lot and will need a commercial electrician trained to deal with these problems. The organization may wish to have an ATM installed for customer convenience, and the electrician ensures this device is properly wired as well.

At times, the problem lies within the building itself. The business must have lights so customers can see, air conditioning so guests are comfortable when visiting the establishment, and more. An electrician ensures all parts of the electrical system work as intended so the business owner can focus on other tasks that generate revenue.

Complex Services

Apartment complexes and condominiums need a functioning electrical system to operate. A trained electrician will work on this system just as they do residential and commercial systems. Leave this work to a professional to ensure all residents of the complex remain safe.

Contact Jeoah Electric for all of your electrical system needs. The team loves to help customers resolve their issues in a timely manner and at affordable prices. All a person has to do is ask, so make this call today. We are here to help in any way we can.

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