Electrical Services in Easton, PA

Most buildings today come with a complex electrical system that must be maintained and repaired as needed. This includes homes, multifamily dwellings, and businesses. The owner of any property needs to have a reputable electrician on call when something goes wrong with this system. When this day arrives, contact Jeoah Electric. What services do we provide that can be helpful to property owners?

Residential Services

Undertaking a residential electrical repair requires extensive knowledge of electrical systems in homes and how they operate. The team of licensed electricians employed by Jeoah Electric brings this knowledge to every client interaction. They have undergone extensive training in all matters related to residential wiring and can fix an existing issue or wire a new installation. In addition, they offer many other Electrical Services of benefit to homeowners.

Some customers contact the company because they are now working permanently from home and need a home office upgrade. Other homeowners call the company for help with landscape lighting installation. Regardless of what the project is, the team works quickly and efficiently while ensuring the job is done right. This allows customers to save money, as they pay less for labor and get quality parts that hold up with time.

A homeowner may be tempted to take on any electrical project. However, it is always wise to work with a licensed professional. Those experts encounter unusual situations every day as they go about their duties. As a result, they can handle any unexpected issues that arise during the installation or repair project. A homeowner risks equipment damage, fire, and electrocution when they attempt to do the work themselves. This isn’t a concern when a licensed professional is called on to complete the project.

Call on us to install GFCI outlets or to wire a new addition to the home. We work with clients experiencing grounding issues and handle tasks related to surge protectors. All a client needs to do is ask.

Additional Household Electric Services

Many people assume the outside electric meter is the responsibility of the utility company. What they don’t realize is the base this meter sits on is theirs to maintain, repair, and upgrade. Contact Jeoah Electric for help with this base.

The electrician will replace a circuit breaker and examine the panel box to determine if there are other issues within the box. If it is determined the panel box needs to be replaced, they handle panel replacement as well. The training these individuals undergo ensures they can handle any residential electrical issue with ease. The average homeowner lacks this training and could encounter multiple problems when trying to complete what looks to be a simple job.

The electricians also take on small jobs, such as labeling the breaker box or installing a new outlet in a bedroom. Reach out when electrical work is needed in the home. By having the work done by a licensed electrician, the homeowner can feel confident the work will be done right.

Commercial Electric Services

Managing a commercial property takes time and effort. The manager is tasked with overseeing and monitoring operations. A functioning electrical system is crucial to maintaining normal operations, and the average commercial property manager lacks extensive knowledge in this area. Don’t worry. Jeoah Electric is here to help.

Multi-Family Complex Electric Services

Multifamily dwellings in Easton, PA, come with specific power and electrical requirements. The electricians at Jeoah Electric understand this and know how to keep complicated electrical systems functioning properly. Power must be distributed evenly throughout the complex. In addition, standby, emergency, and backup power systems are needed in certain areas throughout the complex to ensure the safety of residents. The electricians can be of help in keeping these systems in good working order. This requires regular maintenance on the part of the complex manager, and our team of electricians can complete this task.

Reach out to us with any electrical problems you are experiencing. Our team of licensed, professional electricians will be happy to help find the source of the problem and determine how to correct it. We treat your property as if it is our own because we feel you are part of our extended family. Contact us today to learn how we can be of help to you.

About Jeoah Electric

Jeoah Electric was founded by a family of five, and the name reflects the first initials of these family members. Our company strives to provide outstanding electrical services and treats each customer as if they are part of our extended family. Your satisfaction remains our main goal.