Electrical Services in Bethlehem, PA

Property owners have numerous tasks they must complete to keep their home, business, or complex in good working order. At times, these tasks may involve the electrical system. Rather than trying to do this job on their own, the owner may call on Jeoah Electric. How can we help in different situations?

Residential Services

A homeowner may need many things when it comes to the electrical system in their residence. Jeoah Electric takes on a range of jobs, including panel replacement and upgrades. The electrical panel controls the flow of electricity into the home, and any problems with this panel can mean problems throughout the residence. Our team is ready to help resolve these issues with the help of our Electrical Services.

At times, the problem exists on a smaller scale. For instance, a person may need to replace existing outlets with GFCI outlets for safety reasons. The team can help with this. They also handle grounding issues, house rewiring, and surge protection. As the electrical system expands throughout the home, many problems can arise. Regardless of what the homeowner is experiencing, our team is ready to resolve the issue.

In addition, a homeowner might find they want to expand the residence. This calls for extending the electrical system to the addition, and the team of licensed electricians can tackle this job. They also take on smaller jobs, such as ceiling fan installation or the addition of an outlet to a room. As more people are spending time at home, many of them working from their residences, projects such as these have taken on greater importance. Our team is ready to assist with whatever is needed.

Clients may need a dedicated line for their computers or switches relocated. All they need to do is ask and they will be put on the schedule. Other tasks the team might take on include adding outlets, relocating lights, or altering lighting circuits. Every home is unique, and our electricians understand this. They work with the client to learn what challenges they are facing to come up with appropriate solutions.

Additional Residential Services

Many electric vehicle owners choose to have a charger installed at home. An electrician can assist with this task, as a dedicated charger ensures the car is ready for use when needed. At times, however, the job may not be this complicated. It may involve nothing more than having an electrician come in to label the breaker box. This ensures the homeowner knows which breaker to turn off in an emergency.

Other services offered include the installation of data cabling or a ground fault interrupter receptacle. An owner may request a grounding inspection before putting the home up for sale. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance regardless of what is needed when it comes to the electrical system in the home.

Commercial Services

It is very stressful to open a new business in Bethlehem, PA. Many tasks must be completed within a short period. The same holds when a person is moving their existing business. They must ensure everything is ready to serve customers when they open the doors at the new location. This may involve a variety of electrical tasks, and our team can ensure they are completed in a timely manner.

Multi-Family Complex Services

Working on a residential complex isn’t easy. An electrician must locate the source of the problem and determine how best to fix it with minimal disruption to the residents. For example, they might be called on to determine where an electrical fault originates. At times, this is nowhere near where the symptoms of this fault are being seen. They will take on this project and continue investigating until they find the source.

While the complex manager may request certain tasks, condo owners benefit from the residential services outlined above. The condo owner may be responsible for the electrical system contained within the walls of their unit, and our team will help them complete any necessary tasks to keep this portion of the system up and running.

Call on Jeoah Electric when any problem arises. The team is ready to help with whatever a homeowner needs. They also work with businesses and multifamily dwellings to meet the needs of all who live and work in the area.

About Jeoah Electric

The name says it all. Jeoah Electric wants you to be part of its family, and the name of the company comes from the first initials of the five members of the family who founded the business. Every employee working for the company focuses on protecting the client’s home or business, as they know its importance to the client.